What We Do

Your Team Building Partner

Talemization is a full-service talent optimization and strategic advisory company. Whether you have a team of Human Resource experts or are without a dedicated hiring and inspiring team, we can help. 

A sampling of our services include the following:

    • Strategic Planning – Create a strategic talent optimization plan that compliments your business plan.  We understand financial constraints and can help you build your team to exceed your goals and stay within your budget.
    • Employee and Team Assessment Analysis – Develop a hiring strategy based on your strategic plan, perform behavioral and cognitive assessments of your current team members, and help you identify who you need to bring on board to help take your team to the next level.
    • Position Description and Recruiting – We can help you create job descriptions and hiring ads that not only determine the skills needed for the position, but also the type of person that will be successful with your team.  The results are candidates saying “hey, that’s me” instead of “I guess I will apply to this one too.”  This enthusiasm decreases the chance of ghosting at all levels of the process saving time and money.
    • Perform Part of the Hiring Process – We can assist you with the hiring process by performing Independent Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments as well as creating behavioral-based interview questions.  These questions will help you identify the applicant’s past experiences that are directly related to future success. Our experience has determined people are much more open and honest with those not directly employed by the hiring company.  This will help you find the right type of person with the relevant experience based on your strategic plan and team culture.
    • Create a Successful Hiring System – If you have the staff and want to perform all aspects of the hiring process, we can create a program specifically for you and your company.  This system utilizes your internal experience and needs with an independent aspect that gives you a fresh perspective on how to attract, hire and retain great team members.  This saves you the time and money of interviewing people that won’t fit your strategic plan.
    • Compensation and Benefit Programs – We can help you create a compensation and benefits package that fits into your financial budget and still allows you to hire and retain the right person.
    • Employee Turnover Analysis – We help you determine why people are leaving and how to stop it.  We can perform independent exit interviews for the team member leaving, if applicable, that will help identify areas of concern and necessary traits and talents to be successful in that position.  We also perform independent interviews and surveys of your current employees.  This independent process usually results in identifying the main cause(s) for staff turnover.
    • Predictive Index Software and Training – We provide you with the ability to purchase the Predictive Index software and teach you the best way to utilize PI.  This software will help you truly understand your employees and build a better team based on their natural talent and motivators.
    • Effective Coaching and Training – We provide 1:1 coaching with any level of your team. We believe an outside, independent perspective allows for a freer form of communication that generates ideas and solutions to make your team stronger.

We know that hiring, inspiring, and retaining the right team members can be very daunting if you don’t have the right tools and information. We believe the Predictive Index software, and our extensive team-building experience, can help you build a successful team that will lead to fewer turnovers, increased effective communication, increased productivity, and profit.

Are you ready to make a change?

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